Standard Level

  • Descriptive stats only - mean, standard deviation, range
  • 1000-1500 words

Higher Level

  • Descriptive and Inferential stats (e.g. t-test, Mann Whitney U)
  • 1500-2000 words

NB: Do not use the word prove. In psychology we only disprove null hypotheses and gain support for research/alternative hypotheses. Any time you think you want to use the word prove replace it with suggest

Title Page

  • Title
  • Student name and number
  • Psychology SL/HL
  • Date, month and year of submission
  • Word count (excluding figure labels, references, appendix and abstract)


  • Brief synopsis of the entire report
  • 200 words
  • Does not count towards overall word count


  • History of the topic to be investigated
  • Identify and explain the specific study being replicated
  • Lead up to aim of the study
  • HL state hypotheses here



  • Justify experimental design chosen (repeated measures, independent measures)
  • Identify the experimental groups and controls used
  • Identify the independent and dependent variables
  • Include informed consent for ethical considerations


  • Identify the sampling technique used (usually opportunity sample)
  • Characterize the sample (number, age, gender, cultural background, native English speakers)
  • Describe how participants were allocated to experimental conditions (some form of random assignment)


  • List any materials used like questionnaires
  • Reference materials listed to an exemplar in the appendix


  • Describe what you did in the experiment
  • Use enough detail to make it replicable but make it concise


  • State measures of central tendency used
  • State measures of dispersion
  • Justify choice of descriptive statistics (relate to the level of measurement)
  • Use graphs and tables to summarize the statistics
  • HL present inferential stats
  • Do not interpret the stats just state that condition 1 was greater than condition 2


  • Interpretation of stats and what they suggest (not prove!)
  • Discuss the findings in light of the previous research mentioned in the introduction
  • Identify limitations of the research methodology and methods of overcoming any shortcomings
  • Mention possible confounding variables and how they may have affected the data
    • Include where possible how to remedy the confounding variables in future replications
  • Discuss other sampling methods that may be appropriate such as stratifying the sample


  • An APA bibliography can be generated using Word 2007 onwards


  • Raw data in tables and statistical calculations
  • Copy of consent form
  • Copy of instructions and debriefing notes

Additional Resources